We have extensive experience in handling and managing all aspects and types of cargo and freight claims arising from damage or loss of cargo across all major modes of transportation – sea, air, and road. With more than 10 years of relevant experience behind us, we take pride in our professional expertise and our ability to assist all our clients worldwide.
We frequently advise on bills of lading, charterparties, and other contracts of carriage, with particular expertise in laytime and demurrage matters. We are known to be relentless in pursuing claims for outstanding freight, hire, and demurrage regardless of your opponents' jurisdiction. And we will also help you to recover the outstanding amounts via arbitration or mediation. If necessary, we can work behind the scenes to preserve your business relationships with your clients. We also advise on how to pursue or defend a claim under a marine insurance policy.
We have plenty of hands-on experience in resolving commercial disputes arising out of various types of commercial and service agreements. We are able to resolve such commercial disputes tactfully and diplomatically so that the parties continue their business even after a given dispute is settled. And since we are fully aware of the costs of litigation and arbitration, we make sure that you are provided with the most cost-effective and viable solution.
We specialise in resolving disputes involving international sale of goods and services governed by English law, Incoterms, CISG, etc. And we worked with all kinds of commodities including oil and gas, chemicals, grains and soft commodities, steel products, construction materials, perishables, and reefer goods. You can rely on our skilful representation to win your case with no hassle from your side.
We work for some of the largest insurance companies in the UAE, whom we have been successfully representing in all types of recoveries and subrogation matters. And, to protect your rights of recovery, we always ensure that prompt action is taken, time bars are secured, and critical evidence is collected. We are capable of managing legal and technical framework of every given case and are thus able to bring cases to speedy and efficient resolution.
We are fully equipped to manage all stages of claims management – starting from the first notification of loss, loss adjustment, and settlement – finishing with the recovery proceedings against the ultimate wrongdoer. During all these stages, we will provide you with timely reports, legal advice, and settlement recommendations so that you are fully informed about the progress of a given case. All of this allows us to offer you a true "one-stop-shop" solution for all your claims and recovery matters.